Types of Appointments

Types of Appointments

s-smile4.jpgAt Quimby and Collins, your orthodontic treatment will consist of several types of appointments:

Initial Appointment/Consultation

We like to schedule 60 minutes of appointment time for this visit. During this appointment photographs and radiographs will be taken. After Dr. Quimby or Dr. Collins perform the initial exam and listen to your main concerns they will determine the treatment options that compliment you or if no treatment is required at this time. Additionally, their financial coordinator will discuss fees and insurance benefits.

Bonding/Banding Appointment (Putting Braces On)

These appointments last approximately two hours and are scheduled during designated appointment times typically in the morning or early afternoon. We plan these appointments specifically at this block of time to allow the orthodontist the maximum uninterrupted time with the individual patient.

Routine/Clinical Appointments

For our patients in treatment, routine appointments typically last about 30-40 minutes and occur every 4 – 10 weeks. Dr. Quimby or Dr. Collins check your progress and make proper adjustments according to your treatment plan. This is also your time to touch base with your orthodontist to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Debanding/Debonding Appointment (Taking Braces Off)

This appointment lasts approximately 2 hours and is scheduled at designated appointment times in the morning or early afternoon. During this appointment, brackets and bands are removed, fixed retainers may be placed depending on the oral hygiene, final removable retainer impressions are taken, teeth are polished and final photographs are taken. (We also take a little time to celebrate with you too!)

Retainer Appointments

We schedule retainer check appointments for the 24 months following debonding/debanding to insure proper use and fit of retainers. Should adjustments be needed or if the retainer is in need of repair, appointments will require more time than is typically required. Please let us know in advance if any part of your retainer has been damaged.

Parents are welcome back with their child at any appointment.