Carriere System

Jaw Growth Modification Without Jaw Surgery

The Carrier System standardizes, simplifies, and shortens Class II and Class III treatment. The system attaches to the canine tooth and the permanent first molar using an appliance called a “distalizer.” The appliance is sized and bonded to the buccal surfaces of the cuspids and first molars utilizing standard composite resin. A tooth on each side will be used as anchor points, and elastic bands will connect the anchor tooth to the distalizer.


The Carriere System is an alternate way of addressing posterior malocclusions (mis-aligned back teeth). Using light, but uniform, force – treatment time takes around 6 months to complete (with good compliance) and can “super-simplify” the outcome of orthodontic therapy.


You will be encouraged to rinse with water after eating to help clean the appliance. Brush and floss your teeth as usual, but be sure to clean extra around the Carriere System anchors.

What to Expect

You can expect some cheek discomfort as your mouth gets used to the appliances and elastics. You can expect the discomfort to disappear withing the first week of usage.

More Info

For more information you can visit the Carrier System website here.