In-House Aligners

In-house aligners are made by our doctors using start to Finish 3-D technology. We start with 3D diagnosis modeling and treatment, using AI technology. This is similar to Invisalign&red;, however instead of the aligners being shipped off and waiting, we are making them in the lab at our office which cuts down on the wait and process time of receiving the aligners.


This printer is one of the most precise and accurate 3D printers designed specifically for digital dentistry. Printing dental appliances in-house allows us to offer competitive prices while maintaining personalized care. By cutting out shipping times, we are also able to offer our patients a quicker turn-around time.


SureSmile and Spark are examples of software that virtually move teeth. Drs. Meredith and Kelly are constantly testing the new softwares. Once the doctors design the plan and move the teeth virtually, they then print 3D models in house and fabricate customized aligners to carry out those movements. Approximately two weeks after the planning session, your aligners will be ready. Some patients need attachments, which are tooth-colored and placed on the teeth. These attachments help the teeth to move more effectively.