Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Treatment

It's Your Time for Beautiful Teeth!

content_adult.jpgAt Quimby & Collins Orthodontics, about 25% of our patients are adults. Their excellent commitment to treatment instruction allows them to complete treatment quicker than some of our younger patients!

Braces have changed a lot since you were a child; our advanced technology enables us to shorten treatment time, reduce discomfort and decrease frequency of visits. You may even request a private treatment room when you schedule your appointments to insure total privacy and comfort. A range of treatment options are available beyond traditional brackets, translucent braces or transparent aligners like Invisalign®. During your initial examination, we will discuss limited and full treatment options.

Veneers and Crowns vs. Braces

Many adults seek orthodontic treatment because their teeth need to be better aligned before the dentist can make veneers or crowns. This adjunctive treatment is specifically coordinated between dentist and orthodontist to help enhance long-term stability and aesthetics of dental work.

Sometimes, aligning teeth prevents the need for veneers and crowns. Talk with your orthodontist to find out which option is right for you.

Align the Social Six

Did you know that aligning the front six top and bottom teeth can be done in 6 months or less? Straight teeth can be achieved with Clear Braces, Clear Retainers (Invisalign). Your smile is your best fashion accessory!