Retention Retainers



v-smile2.jpgYou have finished the active phase of your treatment....Congratulations! After your braces are removed, the next phase is called retention and is very important. Wearing retainers as prescribed by your doctor will ensure your smile always looks as good as it does now! We will see you at regular intervals during the retention phase. This allows the orthodontist to monitor the stability of the teeth and the fit of the retainers. Your final orthodontic result depends on you and your retainers, so it is important to follow through with the hard work you have already put in.

Types of Retainers

There are three types of retainers; fixed or bonded retainers which are wires attached to the back of your four front teeth, clear removable retainers or traditional retainers. We will determine which is right for you. We will continue to monitor you at periodic appointments for the next two years. We will also monitor wisdom teeth growth and development.

To learn more about fixed retainers, check out this video.

To learn more about removable retainers, check out this video.


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